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Our story

"A blessing in disguise..."

In December 2013, I injured my shoulder, very unlucky I ripped my Rotatorcuff and Biceptendon.  

A part of the cartilage was damaged and I broke my collarbone, they had to repair my shoulder with an operation that took 2 hours. 


After surgery I had to recover for 3 months, I did Physiotherapy and massage 3 times per week, a very intense rehabilitation that started with small movements and as time went by the movements got more complex and more difficult. I focused on pulling and pushing and also activation and stabilization of the joint and the surrounding muscles. 


After 15 weeks the doctor said my therapy was finished and I can do all the physical activity that I was used to doing. 

I felt unsatisfied as I was still weak in the shoulder and had ongoing pain. So I had to look for different options to continue my recovery. 


I started working with the resistance bands and I developed the Shoulder Academy program with help of my friend and osteopath Stan Mostard. 


Getting my shovels back on the level before surgery, took daily exercise, and I still use the program for stabilization and strength. 

Finally since summer 2015 I am free of pain, but it took a long time to recover all separate muscles of the shoulder joint. 


Now, I would love to help you recover from injury or simply get your shoulders stronger and ready for hard work!

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