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Safety sleeve

1 Year warranty

6 Resistances

Laboratory tested

Easy setup anywhere


Shoulder Academy Bands


Shoulder Academy Resistance Bands are great for developing shoulder strength, power and shoulder stability. You will be able to perform all internal and external rotator cuff exercises often used to strengthen shoulder and back stability needed to increase arm velocity or to prevent injury.

Covered Safety Sleeve Tubing

Highest quality premium rubber completely covered with a durable and protective soft fabric sleeve made to stand up to the rigorous demands of professional and residential use.

Laboratory tested

Our bands were tested by an Independent Laboratory and found to last beyond 150,000 repetitions before breaking. That's 15 X's longer than other competitors tested bands.

Rack Straps

Shoulder Academy Rack Straps


Use the Shoulder Academy Rack Straps to securely anchor the Shoulder Academy resistance bands to any power rack. You can also use it on any goal post, net pillar etc.

They are combinable together to make them longer for pillar with bigger diameters.

Door Belts

Shoulder Academy Door Belts

The Door Belts from the Shoulder Academy gives you 4 anchor points for use with our Resistance Bands. 

Easy to install and can be left on the interior door. Easily turn your hotel room into your gym. 


Prior to using, be certain Shoulder Academy Door Belt is securely installed. Not recommended to support full body weight. Using with other equipment such as body suspension products voids the products lifetime warranty and is not recommended. Shoulder Academy assumes no liability for using with equipment other than Shoulder Academy resistance bands.

Wall Mounts

Shoulder Academy Wall Mounts

The Shoulder Academy Wall Mounts are a fix solution for your gym or affiliate to install the Shoulder Academy Bands for a long term.

Easy to switch from shoulder height to knee height within seconds.

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