With the shoulder Academy System you will get a full Shoulder Strength and Rehab tool. The Shoulder Academy will help you to come back stronger and quicker after a surgery and / or damaged shoulder. Four different programs to build strength, bring back motor control and engage power, stability and mobility. We also have sport specific plans. The requirements for different sports change the stimulus you have to train your shoulders. 


Get your motor control back after surgery or a damaged shoulder. Most issues are caused by small tear and can be fixed without surgery.


Activate your shoulder to use the full potential. Pain free and stable shoulders are the base for an active and healthy life. 

If you are already pain free and your motor control is on point, strenghten your shoulders with this program and keep them in good condition.


With the mobility program, powered by I.O.M. Zug, you will boost your mobility game. It completes the whole shoulder academy system.

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