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Become a certified Shoulder Academ Trainer.


With the versatility of the Shoulder Academy System you’ll have a portable fitness solution to train clients in any setting. You'll learn how to properly perform and cue foundation Resistance Band Training exercises as well as the benefits and target muscles of the exercises.

Learn modifications and progressions to adapt the exercises to every fitness level.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Properly perform all of the Shoulder Academy Basic exercises

  • Progress and regress exercises for all fitness and health levels

  • Adjust resistance and stability for all exercises

  • Cue and correct common faults

  • Correctly set up and use the Shoulder Academy Bands everywhere

Pre-Requisites: There are no Prerequisites to take this Shoulder Academy Certification Course. Continuing Education Credits (CECs) will only be applied to certified fitness professionals. 

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