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Shoulder Academy Set

Built to fit all levels to strenghten, stabilize and fix your shoulders.


What you get:


  • 3 x 2 Resistance Bands
  • Exercise Chart on printed alu
  • 4 fully developed programs
  • Selected attachment
  • A Gym Bag




Light Set - 1,5kg / 3kg / 5kg: Most Female and youth athletes, and all levels rehabbing a shoulder injury.

Medium Set - 3kg / 5kg / 7kg: Most Male Athletes and Strong female Athletes.

Heavy Set - 5kg / 7kg / 12kg: Strong Athletes with experience in Fitness and Sports.

Extra Heavy Set - 7kg / 12kg / 18kg: Extrem Strong Athletes on Pro / Elite Level. Or if you want to use our bands for other exercises.



Shoulder Academy Set

CHF 249.00Price
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